Vores historie

I have been hunting since childhood. When i went shopping for my first set of hunting camo, I ended up going home emptyhanded. What i saw was boring and expensive and it just did not do anything for me. When I started bow-and-arrow hunting, I found that it required an entirely different approach, especially when it comes to freedom of movement and silence. I started looking for clothes in the United States since the variety there was much greater, than anywhere else.

However, it was too expensive. The products had gone through too many cost -adding waypoints on the journey to the market. If the clothing was actually within reach, financially, the quality and functionality was less than desirable.

As a result, I decided to make the clothing myself, I would design the camo-pattern and clothing myself and then have it manufactured to the highest standards. By reducing the number of middlemen between manufacture and retail, I could deliver much higher quality at an unbeatable price.

The journey has begun, I am both humble and proud to have made the very best membrane jacket, crafted to a standard of excellence never before seen. Furthermore, it is silent and costs less than any comparable product on the market today. That’s just fantastic!

Carsten Andersen